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Do you want your child to score better marks in exams?

Exercise Books

This is a book for children studying up to seventh standard. Many children
don’t have extra reading. As a result, their vocabulary is limited. Some children
have difficulty in comprehending what they read. Grammar is another area of
difficulty. The exercises are designed to improve the understanding of

Vocabulary Grid Exercises for Developing Concentration

Does your child struggle to read among other fluent readers.?

Does your child lack concentration?

Do you want to improve their concentration?

A Book of Concentration Exercises

Does your child have difficulty in copying from the board?

Does your child make mistakes while copying numbers from math question papers?

Do you want to improve her concentration?

A Book Of Jumbled Words for Learning Spelling

Does your child face difficulty in spelling?

Do you need help to teach your child spelling?

A Reading, Comprehension, and Writing Skills for Beginners

Is your child studying in UKG or in lower primary classes? Then this book is for you.

A Booklet of Wordlists for Reading, Copying, Dictation and Making Sentences

Frequently used 3-letter words, 4-letter words, 5–letter words, 6-letter words and double letter words are listed in this book.

A Book of Patterns and Sequences

This book is meant for students from class 2 to students studying in high school. The book has three lessons and four mastery tests.

Learning Help

AmritaCREATE has come out with a website especially meant for parents of children with Learning Difficulties (LD).

This site has useful information on different aspects of learning difficulties, and activities and worksheets to help children with LD. The website is also useful for all children studying in nursery classes and primary classes. 

Parents are requested to make use of the website, especially during summer holidays when children are free. 

Visit: http://leq.amritacreate.org