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Dear Parents,

You spend lots of time with your child and you really work hard to prepare her for the exams.  Often she does not perform well in the tests.

The common complaint of many parents is: “My child knows everything. She knows answers to all the questions. But she doesn’t get good marks.”

Have you ever wondered why this is happening? Here are some tips that may help you.

1. The importance of mock tests: At home, the lessons are explained in detail and they are made to answer questions. Actually, the children are readied to take an oral test. At school, they appear for a written test. There is a big difference between an oral test and a written test. Unfortunately, even with all the efforts, most children are not well-equipped to face the written tests. The key to scoring marks is answering mock tests. This is what all the coaching centres for entrance exams do! Those who prepare for the Civil Services Examination also undergo several mock tests.

The first thing to do is to understand the pattern of the questions. We have provided here, question papers from previous years. These would give you a good idea of the model of the questions. You can follow the pattern and prepare your own question papers and make your child answer as many mock tests as possible. 

2. The importance of pre-reading questions: Research shows that pre-reading questions helps children to understand lessons. Give your child an outline of the lesson and then make her read the questions. Briefly, explain the questions. This activity helps the brain to read with a purpose- of finding answers to the questions. It also improves comprehension.

3. Does your child have difficulty in understanding questions? Some children have difficulty in understanding questions. Find whether your child has this difficulty. If so, take remedial action.

4. Does your child get stressed out in the exam hall? Some children become very nervous while taking a test. Find out if your child finds the exams stressful. When a child is stressed, she may feel her muscles tightening, her heartbeat rising, or she may have excessive sweating in the palms. Is she afraid of your response to her poor performance?

One remedy is to make her do mock tests at home. Don’t over-criticize or compare her with other children. All these would add to her anxiety.

5. Remember, teaching is the best way of learning.Make your child teach you with or without the aid of notes. This acts as a good revision. If possible, let her prepare a question paper for you. While answering the questions, make some mistakes deliberately. Nothing gives your child more pleasure than correcting you! It may not be possible for your child to set question papers always because of the pressure of time but you can have this activity occasionally.

6. Regular study time and revision: Your child would learn better if she follows regular study hours. Make her study at the same place at the same time. This improves concentration. Revision is a good way of cementing what is learnt.

Let your child have a happy time in the exams!

– From Amrita Vidyalayam Team

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